Change the Game.

By Jamie Wilson
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There is a quote that says something like this – “when you’re at the top of your game, it’s time to change the game”.

We have had a few good years. We set forth a direction five years ago to evolve from a challenger brand (the underdog) to a market leader. That journey meant being clear on the vision (our why) and then recruiting the talent to help reach that destination. We hired a mix of experienced professionals and young, fresh, creative minds to juxtapose the thinking and skill level in the company.

To be a market leader we needed to develop and package a comprehensive, full service marketing and communications offering. Bringing together a talented group of people with a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and capabilities to cater for the growing and changing needs of the market, the industry and our clients, was critical to achieving this position.

We reached out to mentors in different categories to gain a better knowledge of the market and business. We introduced new departments including a fully resourced video production team and hired journalists to help our clients tell their stories in an authentic way that resonated with today’s consumer. And recently, we’ve recruited high profile Canberra photographer Martin Ollman to further extend our in – house story telling capabilities.

We became clear on our values and even more so, on what was important in our business life. When we drilled down to explore and discover our intent and our context, it became apparent that our model was distinct from most agencies. Where advertising agencies of yesteryear were built off a rigorous billable hours system, our purpose was (and still is) much deeper. We wanted to be the community champion – the company that strongly advocated our City, it’s people and the causes we believe in. And, we did some random things – we resurrected an Ice Hockey team (CBR BRAVE), joined forces with a media company (HerCanberra), a competing design and digital brand (Swell Design Group) and a boutique Social Media and PR company (Agency 9). This was all designed to challenge the standard model of an advertising agency, expand our networks and resources and build unique partnerships – because we wanted to be everything an advertising agency is not.

Now, it’s time to change the game once again. It is easy to become complacent in business and life. In reinventing or evolving once more, the ambition is not to be the biggest or even to go to another level – it’s about becoming something entirely different, something completely fresh and something even more unexpected than before.

Coordinate has never been a business built or limited by a definition, but a business with a purpose much greater and deeper than industry, category and economic classification or standards.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”.

So, what’s next? What does it mean to change the game? And, how do you do it?

It’s about completely opening up your mindset to embrace a limitless mentality and to operate with all barriers removed. Remove the fear of failure. Eliminate any negativity. Operate in a completely new paradigm that transcends traditional ideas, rules, patterns and relationships to create meaningful new ideas and connections. It means to work collaboratively in partnerships to challenge everything you thought you knew and unlock new delivery methods. It’s about interrupting everything you’ve always done and being committed to the risk and promise of unchartered waters. It’s not about pursuing change for the sake of change, but to anticipate and navigate a course that will create greater value for staff, clients and the community.

In doing so, we will –

Continue to champion the things we love.

Work with the widest variety of client’s possible including people, places, brands, concepts and ideas that excite us.

Act as the trusted advisor in the trenches with our clients.

Partner with the business leaders wanting to become better.

Be the steady hand for the micro brands and start-ups to help envision, articulate and launch their business in the market, giving them every support we can.

Be more entrepreneurial and encourage a culture where we develop concepts, ideas and companies of our own that we are truly proud of.

Continue to evolve with the changing needs of our client base and the world we live in by being undefined, unorthodox, unexpected, unstructured and unprocessed to allow for a fluid, agile and flexible model that continually re-generates.

Believe in our collective capabilities – understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and that is why we’re called Coordinate.

Always strive to make an impact in everything we do.

It’s time to change the game and the future for Coordinate is looking very exciting.