By Jamie Wilson
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Coordinate chooses to BE BRAVE

It’s a great story.

A group of passionate Ice Hockey players who fought adversity to live another day and a group of passionate creative entrepreneurs who believe nothing is impossible. Combine the two and you get the formation of a brave new sporting team – the CBR BRAVE.

When the Canberra Knights Australian Ice Hockey Team collapsed after thirty -three years there was a public drive from players to help keep the team alive. Enter Coordinate Founder and Director Jamie Wilson and long time client Peter Chamberlain, Director of All Insure, and the rest is history.

In four short weeks, Chamberlain, Wilson and their teams combined to get a Canberra team back in the Australian Ice Hockey League (AIHL), with a strong new business case put forward to the AIHL, a new rink agreement, a re-energised team and a handful of talented imports recruited from around the world to boost the playing roster.

Coordinate was required to develop a brand name and identity, uniforms, membership website and video marketing in under two weeks. The name CBR BRAVE attracted some debate and controversy early on, given Coordinate’s role in the Brand Canberra project. Coordinate director, Jamie Wilson said, choosing the name was the easiest part.


Wilson said, “This was a great story of a brave group of players who didn’t want their team to fold. The name brave reflected the values of the team, the community and the spirit we want to embody as a club. CBR connected naturally to the name Brave. It allowed the name to be fresh, modern, disruptive and a total departure away from the old name (Canberra Knights)”. We like doing things differently, and CBR BRAVE is certainly a different name for a sporting team, and it made the BRAVE unique to other Canberra sporting teams”.

Coordinate’s sports marketing experience across national titles like the Brisbane Broncos, Greater Western Sydney GIANTS, Canberra Raiders, Canberra Cavalry, AFL NSW/ACT gave Canberra’s newest national sports franchise a strong launching pad. Hewitt Sports reported, “CBR BRAVE just set the standard for branding in the AIHL”.

For the full body of work produced by Coordinate see below.

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The CBR BRAVE took the ice for the first time on April 12 against the Newcastle North Stars in front of a capacity crowd at Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre.

How the CBR BRAVE were born

February 26:

After 33 years in existence, the Canberra Knights announced they would be pulling out of the Australian Ice Hockey League just six weeks before the start of the season. Knights owner John Raut, who manages the Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre where the team trains and plays, said financial losses and an inability to field a competitive team were the reasons behind his decision.

February 27:

The Knights players rally together and plan to take over the club’s licence themselves to keep a Canberra team alive in the AIHL. A public donation fund is started.

February 28:

The Canberra players raise more than $13,000 on the opening day in public donations towards a goal of $50,000. However, the team won’t be known as the Knights unless they compensate Raut, who holds the rights to the team’s licence.

March 1:

Donations continue to flow in as former Knights captain Mark Rummukainen confirms the team will change its name. The next hurdle is to secure an agreement to play at the Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre.

March 2:

The Canberra players have an agreement with Raut to train and play at the Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre. It is one of the three criteria they need to fulfill before a meeting with the AIHL at 8pm. The other two to show it is financially viable and whether it has the capacity to field a competitive team. More than $23,000 in donations have been received.

March 3:

Ice Hockey Australia vice-president Andy McDowell says having a Canberra team in the AIHL is crucial to the development of the sport in Australia. The Canberra team is still waiting to hear back from the AIHL to see if it is accepted for the upcoming season.

March 6:

The CBR Brave is born. The Brave will adopt the ACT colours of blue, white and yellow and ensure Canberra has a men’s ice hockey team in the Australian Ice Hockey League. Allinsure director Peter Chamberlain and Jamie Wilson, owner-director of advertising agency Coordinate, are in charge of running the club after getting in contact with Rummukainen.

April 12:

The Brave plays its first game when it hosts the Newcastle North Stars at the Phillip Swimming and Ice Skating Centre.

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