Everything starts with Purpose

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Author: Jamie Wilson

For the last eight weeks, I’ve been doing weekly coaching on creativity and leadership.

It’s been a profound experience, especially in a time when human connection has been limited and most things that give us meaning have been taken away.

My coach (more on him later) challenged me with a confronting reality – he said, “You don’t have a purpose”. It took a while to sink in. But he was 100% right. Purpose driven companies and people know exactly who they are, what they stand for and where they are heading.

Developing my own purpose was difficult. I have never really believed in it, nor have I understood the importance of it. Until now.

I ran a Purpose session with a NFP client last week. We went through a series of exercises over four hours and came away with a bunch of inputs built around Dream, Spirit, Character, Beliefs, Focus and Greatest Imaginable Challenge.

Following the session, we collated all the inputs into a single page – A Purpose on a Page.

We presented to the client on Friday (six people from their team).

What happened next said everything about the power of Purpose.

They all choked up.
Holding back tears.
Smile from ear to ear.
The silence was powerful.

It was a defining and inspiring revelation. Their very reason for being, became crystal clear. Everything they had ever wanted to say was now distilled on a single page.

“My experience with Coordinate provided me with relief when I listened to the team express themselves freely about their passion for what Focus does and stands for, watching their faces when they realised that we were all on the same page with our thoughts, values and aspirations. The Coordinate team provided a great platform for this to happen.”

“Coordinate’s Purpose on a Page experience was emotional, purposeful and breathtaking. The entire experience from A-Z was meticulously planned by Coordinate to provide the best possible results for Focus – We couldn’t be happier with our Purpose on a Page.”

“Coordinate provided expert advice and oversight for the Focus Purpose on a Page. This included descriptions of our brand, personal experiences and recommendations. Coordinate facilitated a great session in which many free flowing, innovative and emotional ideas were shared.”

“One word – Dynamic”

Mark Marlor
Business Development & Asset Manager