Get to know Coordinate’s advisory team – Cade Brown.

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Author: Coordinate

Cade Brown wears many hats.

He is a Director and Partner at Callida Consulting – one of Canberra’s largest consulting firms – and is an expert in strategy, risk, change management and governance. Cade currently leads the Risk Assurance service offering at Callida but loves the opportunity to work across all of their offerings.

“Callida has been a fantastic experience and I love the agility and the genuine autonomy after working for a big multi-national prior to that. I have been working in this industry for nearly twenty years now and I have loved every minute. I absolutely love seeing our staff develop and get promoted through our business and I get great pride at the work that we do in the community,” Brown said.

And he finds nothing more rewarding than giving back to the Canberra community.

“Any opportunity to leverage your career and give back to the community is something I have really enjoyed. Callida (as is Coordinate) are absolutely committed to giving back to this great city and we do this in many ways,” Brown said.

Cade is also passionate about mental health and is the Chairman of Lifeline Canberra – a charity he has been involved in for many years – many of those alongside Coordinate’s own Warren Apps.

In addition, the former first class cricketer is an accredited athlete manager – where he specialises in cricket and rugby union. Cade manages a collection of big name athletes who have represented Australia.

“I have been involved in the sports management industry for around fifteen years now. This has been great as it has brought the business and sport learnings together,” Brown said.

Cade has been a key advisor to Coordinate for the past three years and as someone with an accounting and consultancy background – he enjoys exercising the creative side of the brain with the firm.

“I work in a very structured and disciplined industry, I absolutely love the way that creative agencies like Coordinate thrive in an unstructured and energetic way,” Brown said.

“The culture and the team at Coordinate are both a credit to the owners. I love working on that side of town and just popping in to say hi to the team.”

Coordinate Founder Jamie Wilson said Cade plays an integral role in the advisory team.

“Cade has been an influential part of Coordinate’s success over recent years. He has been a great mentor and sounding board for me personally and the partnership group admire and respect him enormously. He also brings a broad range of experience and wealth of knowledge in business, government, sport and all things Canberra.”

Cade Brown is the Non-Executive Director of Coordinate’s advisory board – alongside Meyer Vandenberg Chair Archie Tsirimokos and newly appointed Everyhow Co-Founder Paul Hoskins (formally Interband and Etsy Aus).