Going places with PKUP.

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Author: Coordinate

In Coordinate’s early years we had to hustle hard for everything – and still do today. Starting out as a small team with big ideas and bold attitudes, Coordinate knows first-hand what it’s like to be a start-up. That’s why we like to throw our support behind like-minded small businesses and entrepreneurs.

So when Coordinate was engaged by Canberra based transportation start-up PKUP to rethink their brand and redesign their identity, Founder Jamie Wilson saw their potential and did it for free.

PKUP is a driving service that gets you and your car to your destination. Yes, that’s right, they’ll pick up you AND your car up.

PKUP was built from the ground up by co-owners, and brothers, Josh and Oscar Gonzalez, and born from an idea back in 2016 – wouldn’t it be convenient to have someone drive my car home after a night out? PKUP’s vision to deliver a service that gives you control, as well as encouraging safety for passengers and vehicles on our roads – all with a smile.

But in late 2017, PKUP identified a problem – they had no brand, no image and nothing people could connect with.

“This is when I came across Coordinate. I met Jamie Wilson in person which was when he decided to help us out with all our work. The team at Coordinate helped us shape our brand, our logo and our promotional material that is now all around the local venues in Canberra,” Josh says.

“This helped us to brand ourselves and make us look different from the rest and I can say that our new branding has already taken our service to a new level that wouldn’t have been possible without it.”


The PKUP identity Coordinate created draws inspiration from a location drop pin, complimented by a vibrant colour palette and a contemporary visual style.

“This branding exercise has already taken our service to a new level that wouldn’t have been possible previously and I’m excited to see what the future holds,” Josh says.

Since its inception in 2016 with nothing more than a website Josh created himself, the business has grown in popularity and the community has welcomed it with open arms and enthusiasm. PKUP have now launched their highly anticipated PKUP App, which streamlines their designated driver system, allowing more people to use the service whenever they want.

“We constantly look to improve our service and find ways to make it easier and more convenient for everyone,” Josh says.

The brothers behind PKUP have since gone on to win the 2019 Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Award.