Kick start post-Covid life.

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Author: Jamie Wilson

With the path out of Lockdown announced, it’s got me thinking what a post-Covid life will be like. Covid and its variants will continue to challenge us. Things will not go back to the way they were – There will be no ‘new normal’.

But isn’t that the opportunity?

  • To re-start with new terms.
  • To be creative and inventive with life.
  • To learn from the past to build the future.

Now is a great time to pause for thought – To change direction and choose a better path.
And there’s a simple, repeatable formula to plan for post – Covid life and kick some serious goals.

Take this Quiz

Give yourself a score out of ten. 0 = strongly disagree, 10 = strongly agree.
Add up your total score (out of 100).

  1. My days are typically filled with fresh new ideas, sights and experiences.
  2. I am able to try out different activities to learn and grow.
  3. My life often gives me the opportunity to be curious, inquisitive and amazed.
  4. My days are filled with meaningful activities that I love doing.
  5. Most days I feel very productive.
  6. I am able to take time to be proactive and choiceful about my goals.
  7. My life provides me with the opportunity to take time with and care for other people.
  8. I really like the people I engage in activities with.
  9. I am happy about the amount of time I spend on Family, Friends and Me.
  10. I regularly review my activities and eliminate those that don’t make me happy.

Aim to exceed 70/100 – this is a way to measure your positivity and well-being and is a powerful tool that generates powerful insights.

I first did this Quiz 12 months ago – I scored 32. I just did this again and hit 70 – when we are out of Covid, I’ll hit 75 with some adjustments.

Here’s the four things you can to improve your score every time.

Listen to the Data.

How satisfied are you with the number? What is the data telling you?
Have you scored less than 7 on any question? These are the areas that need focus.

Set Targets
Do you need to spend more time on you? Do you want to increase your productivity?
Or do you need to eliminate certain activities from your life?

Make a Plan. Take Action.
List the top things you will do to improve your future. Make them happen.

Meet. Beat. Repeat.
Life is constantly moving and changing, and progress is never linear.
Aim higher and set challenges to continually grow.

Now’s the time to re-start!

See you Straight Outta Lockdown.

Tuum Est – It’s up to you.