Learnings in Lockdown – 5 Tips from the US Navy Seals.

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Author: Jamie Wilson

“In times of war and uncertainty there is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our Nation’s call.  A common man with an uncommon desire to succeed”.

These are the words of the US Navy Seals.

They could not be more relevant today.

As we battle an invisible enemy, we must stand up and fight.

Will you take charge and lead by example in all situations?
Can you persevere and thrive on adversity?
If knocked down, will you get back up every time?

To help you through these times, I’ve compiled 5 Tips inspired by the US Navy Seals and my own experiences.

  • Choose where you focus your attention.
    Do you want to be a Warrior or Worrier? What is still good in your world? Concentrate all your attention and resources (psychological, social, physical, emotional, knowledge) on the things that matter and that you can actually influence.
  • Always believe you are in control.
    Ice in the mind, Fire in the belly. Regulate your mood, stay positive, handle unfair ups and downs, remain even keeled without losing your grip. Temperament is not a fixed product – it is trainable. The ability to control my emotions and my actions, regardless of circumstance, sets me apart.
  • Be Demanding (of yourself).
    The way you do Anything is the way you do Everything. Demand discipline. Expect innovation. Create a daily checklist, make a routine and stick to it. Routine and structure make us feel secure. In the worst of conditions…I will not fail. I am never out of the fight!!
  • Develop a Power of Three.
    The Rule of Three is the way humans tell stories; with a beginning, middle and end. By harnessing this three – point structure, mantras create a strong linguistic chain of events; they take you from chaos, through clarity and into action, instinctively.
    The US Navy Seals use Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.
  • Take the Shot.
    You miss all the shots you don’t take. Look forward. Stretch yourself, learn new skills, listen to new music, build on existing strengths, imagine, invent, innovate. Now’s the time!

As we continue to face unprecedented challenges, follow the words of the US Navy Seals…”I will not fail”.

Tuum Est – it’s up to you,
Jamie Wilson