Learnings in Lockdown – Fill Today.

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Author: Jamie Wilson

It’s challenging to find moments of magic in the current world.

So how do you fill the present with optimism and inspiration?

I decided to make a list and I found it liberating.

I’m filling my bucket by reflecting on the past and planning for the future – What I’ve done and What I want to do.

Here’s my top magic moments of the last few years and what I’m most looking forward to (in no particular order):

Lifting that Cup.
5 years. 5 finals appearances. 3 Grand Finals. 1 Championship. Couldn’t script it any better – That winning overtime goal!


The Business of the Year.
There’s been some iconic and inspirational businesses crowned Telstra Business of the Year. A proud and surreal moment.

Learning from the best.
I read this book at 21 just when I founded Coordinate.
I’m now fortunate to learn from the author and one of the world’s most creative, optimistic and fearless minds.
Anything is possible when you take the shot.


Wondering & Wandering through Vallea Lumina.
Full of wonder. A multimedia night walk through an enchanted, snow drenched forest. Unforgettable!


Kobe’s Game.
Moving. Incredible. Speechless.
We purchased tickets to the Lakers vs Portland. That turned out to be the farewell game for Kobe Bryant following his tragic death. One of the most inspirational sporting icons of my lifetime.

Looking forward, here’s what I can’t wait to do post pandemic.

– Reconnecting in person with family & friends.
– Getting Married.
– Taking a trip; On a plane, to the beach, the snow, the mountains. Can’t wait to reach Canada.
– Seeing my nephew walk & talk for the first time.
– Learning through doing. Immersing myself in a learning boot camp.


Without this pandemic, I’m not sure I would have taken time to reflect and look forward – that’s my silver lining.

Your Turn! Reflect back, Look forward.

Tuum Est – It’s up to you.

Jamie Wilson