Why your online campaign should be supported by offline channels

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Author: Coordinate

We all know digital is ‘the way forward’ but are digital-only campaigns getting you the best results?

Google’s recently published ‘Rethink the Mix’ series indicates digital-only campaigns aren’t the most effective way to go. According to Google’s data, a combination of online and offline channels makes a campaign 50% more effective, and for every channel added, ROI and effectiveness increases by up to 35%.

So, what’s the solution? While digital-only isn’t the way to go, digitally-led certainly is! Data suggests that combining TV with paid search gives a 25% increase in ROI while TV and Online Video provide a 30% increase in ROI as opposed to online video only.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social ads and Digital Banners are definitely key channels to reach most audiences in 2020. Online video outperforms most channels in relation to short and long term performance and returns of paid SEM are 2x with online fulfilment. However, allocating a portion of your marketing budget to radio, TV or print (depending on your campaign and your audience) increases the touch points you are able to reach your audience at, and increases your brand’s presence throughout the consumer journey, driving brand awareness and encouraging greater action.