Paul Hoskins appointed to Coordinate’s advisory board.

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Paul Hoskins knows what it takes to build brands. He’s built his brand stripes over the past 20 years working for the likes of ANZ, Medibank, Interbrand and Etsy Australia.  Most recently starting his own business with Co-Founder Nick Davis – EveryHow. A co-design consultancy company which helps people and teams work collaboratively, creatively and decisively through their organisations’ greatest challenges – from business to brand and strategy to culture. Now Paul has been appointed to Coordinate’s advisory board, alongside Callida Consulting Partner and Director Cade Brown and Meyer Vandenberg Chair Archie Tsirimokos.

Coordinate Founder Jamie Wilson says Paul’s wealth of experience in building brands and working with some of Australia’s most prolific organisations is a huge asset to Coordinate.

 “I first heard Paul speak at an industry event in Melbourne. He was intelligent, articulate, down to earth and approachable. I found his background really interesting, but more importantly, I really liked how humble he was. I approached him after the event and asked if we could grab a coffee and ran the idea past him about coming on board as an advisor.

He has had huge roles working across a wide range of industries in the UK, US and Australia; helping to build brands, digitise market-leading businesses, design new products, services and experiences.

The way Paul can break down really complex tasks and explain it in simple, everyday language, is what appeals the most to me. He understands our industry. He brings a wider perspective of our category and is a great sounding board in terms of helping refine our own brand story and direction”, Jamie says.

Get to know Paul Hoskins.

Tell us more about your professional experience?
After graduating from university with a generic business degree in hand almost 20 years ago, I was convinced that the magical world of advertising was the place for me. So I started my career as a fresh-faced account-exec working for Saatchi & Saatchi in London, and got to work on a beer brand no less. Turns out, that despite all the free beer, I’m not really an ‘ad-man’ at heart. But my original rationale for working in that industry, still holds true today: find a way to combine creative, critical and commercial thinking. The pursuit of this has taken me on an interesting journey, where I’ve been very fortunate to work across a wide range of industries in the UK, US and Australia. And whilst working for the likes of ANZ, Medibank, Interbrand and Etsy in Australia, I was able to traverse the fields of marketing, strategy, technology and customer experience — helping to design new products, digital experiences and build brands. After Etsy, things got pretty interesting. I led the design, launch and scale-up of an enterprise funded start-up (a networking app for tradies), I started teaching design thinking & UX design through Academy XI, and began advising some early stage digital start-ups on strategy and design. Then, just over year ago, I co-founded a business – a co-design consultancy called Everyhow.

What has been your career highlight?
Starting my own my business, Everyhow, is hands-down the biggest highlight. I still can’t quite believe the idea we initially dreamt up, is now a reality. Nor can I believe that we get to choose who we work with, when we want to work, and how we want to furnish our office (modestly, of course) – it just doesn’t get much better than that, does it? It’s been such an exhilarating and rewarding experience already, so in all honesty, everything else in my career just pales in comparison.

Why did you want to work with Coordinate?
I have a lot of respect and admiration for what Jamie and the team have achieved with Coordinate. It’s a business built from pure determination, commitment and graft. Coordinate’s work is exceptional, and often far superior than some big name national or global agencies. And the work gets delivered in a no-nonsense way with exceptional amounts of humility, unlike many big name national or global agencies. But the thing that excites me most about Coordinate? It has to be the continual drive to improve, to reinvent, to throw caution to the wind and carve a new path forward. I want to be part of that!