This stuff works! What to do today.

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Author: Jamie Wilson

Today is complex and demanding. For business leaders, the challenges are wide and deep.

If uncertainty, volatility and disruption are the new normal, how do businesses respond?

And, what moves can leaders make?

During the pandemic, we’ve with worked with business leaders to help them create their new normal and develop the path forward.

Here’s three things you can do today:


1. Revisit (or Create) your Purpose.
It doesn’t matter if you run a big or small company, in today’s world, having a purpose is everything. A purpose is an enduring aspiration that articulates why the company exists, what it stands for, what it believes in and where it’s heading. In the face of business and social change, Purpose provides meaning, clarity, alignment and is the foundation of all decision making.

2. Create your New Normal – Make a game plan.
How will you guide the business into recovery? How will it thrive?

Break it down into these buckets:
Identify. Prioritise. Hunt (Survive)
This about playing what’s in front of you, now. Clear goals, focused teams, and rapid decision making are needed to protect the core business. Act like a start-up. Identify, prioritise and hunt revenue opportunities.
List survival goals. Make a plan to win the present.

Rethink. Evolve. Build. (Revive):
Work faster and better. Now is the time to get ready for the future and build long term competitive advantage. Rethink your model, evolve your business and position for the future. This is an opportunity that may never come again.
Make a list. Guide the business into revival.

Accelerate. Grow. Win. (Thrive):
Start with the answer – you’re chasing down that dream with conviction. You’ve achieved what you never dreamed possible. What did you do to get there?
Write it down, make it happen.

3. Act with urgency.
The speed of life and business is unprecedented. Speed matters, you have to play a fast game. Put the plan in action and replace annual plans with rapid 30 – day sprints. The time is now.
Attack with absolute commitment. Tick off that list!


Don’t waste the crisis. The world will bounce back and when it does, you wanna’ be ready!

Now is the time to get match fit.

Tuum Est – It’s up to you.

Jamie Wilson