Track Safe with Tracksville Trivia.

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Author: Coordinate

Not your regular online quiz – creating an interactive 3D website world for the TrackSAFE Foundation’s Rail Safety Week.

Rail Safety Week is a nationwide initiative held for one week every August, designed to engage the community in safe rail practices. Coordinate has been proudly working with the TrackSAFE Foundation to promote their awareness campaign for three years now – and this year, part of our brief was to create an online quiz.

The challenge was set – we needed to create an engaging quiz about a serious topic which people, especially our younger generation, would want to take part in.

We took our successful campaign concept of Tracksville – an imaginary world Coordinated developed in 2017 to promote safety messages. We then built on this idea to create our first ever 3D website integration.

Tracksville Trivia is a colourful, fun, interactive and informative city that can be explored by the user – with the freedom to answer questions in any order. Each question also has an accompanying 3D looping video to help make the questions even more engaging. The ultimate reward for testing your rail-safe knowledge? Finding out whether you’re a TrackSAFE Superzero, Superhero or something in-between.