How do you help a market leader maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world?

For more than 100 years ActewAGL has powered our city and region’s growth, delivering the most reliable network in Australia and supporting local community charities, sporting teams and organisations through sponsorship and funding.

However, in a rapidly changing energy environment, they were suddenly faced with competitors who were in infiltrating the market with aggressive, price driven campaigns.

Our task was to help them maintain their position as the number one energy provider in the region.

Services Branding, Campaign, Digital, Photography, Video

“We’ll always leave a light on for you.”

Rather than launch a series of retaliatory campaigns, we suggested that ActewAGL evolve its brand to more strongly reconnect with the people in their community.

This brand retains the existing history and relationship that had been developed over the years, but in a way that reinforced the brand’s relevance.

“We’ll always leave a light on for you” was the campaign positioning developed by Coordinate—it was a confident promise that reassured ActewAGL customers that they have, and always will, continue to do the right thing.

Using typical Canberra and regional scenarios that the audience can relate to, we created four
 television commercials that reflect each consumer’s journey towards comfort and convenience—whether it’s a working mother returning home after a long day’s work, an electrician turning up to a floodlit oval to coach his son’s footy team, a granddaughter arriving by night to deliver her grandmother a hand-drawn card or a student returning home by train, to be greeted by his girlfriend.

Throughout the campaign, we’ve used a contemporary visual style that creates a strong, emotional connection with ActewAGL customers by showcasing our city and region, demonstrating ActewAGL’s forward thinking focus, and reinforcing the ways they deliver comfort and reliability.