Creating an Australian-first interactive virtual reality sports experience.

CBR Brave – VR Experience

Virtual Reality. Depending on who you ask it’s either a passing fad or a technology that will change the world. We’re still not sure which it is, but we wanted to leverage this unique technology and really make an impact. 

Coordinate decided to dive into the deep end of the world of VR, partnering with the CBR BRAVE and Canberra game developers Aberrant Realities to build an experience that would capture the hearts and minds of ice hockey fans. With just four weeks to go until the first game of the Australian Ice Hockey season, this proved to be quite the challenge.

Services Campaign, Digital, Video

More than a game…PuckStop puts you in the stadium.

From the get-go, PuckStop was designed to be more than just another passive Virtual Reality video. We set out to make something that would be a genuinely fun, completely new experience. To complicate the matter, we wanted a transportable concept that could travel to games, feature as an interactive pop-up at events and even be used at schools, car parks and tailgate parties. We wanted to take PuckStop to the fans.

For many of those fans, PuckStop was their first encounter with VR. That they got to share that experience with their favourite team is exactly why we’re in this business. And we’re not finished yet. Next up: making PuckStop a game that can be downloaded and played anywhere in the world. When we get an idea, sometimes, there’s just no stopping us.

CBR Brave – VR Experience