How do you create a brand that can lead a rapidly changing energy landscape?

In November 2016, the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) published new guidelines which impacted ActewAGL’s electricity network business. As such, Coordinate were engaged to create and introduce a new brand to help avoid any customer confusion between the retail and infrastructure components of ActewAGL.

Our challenge was twofold; to create a name and develop a brand position that shifted ActewAGL’s ‘behind-the-scenes’ infrastructure component to a trusted, reliable, future-ready electricity and gas supplier, with a warm visual identity that embraces innovation and communicates credibility and safety.

Services Branding, Campaign, Photography, Video

The dawn of a new era.

Coordinate provided extensive consultation and established a strategy which engaged interviews, various brand and naming workshops, group focus sessions, and defined a cohesive approach for Evoenergy to launch to market. This strategy also laid the foundation for the visual identity, expressing a warm and approachable brand that mirrors the way energy and technology has become an accessible, seamless part of everyday life.

The solution is based on an expressive solar glow that references the sun; always at the centre of Evoenergy, and always powering and improving from within.

From authentic photography to the way employees answer the phone and work in the field, every touchpoint works together to create a brand that feels warm, vibrant and welcoming, yet progressive.

Ready for the future.

A forward-thinking spirit, a relentless pursuit for a low-emissions landscape, and a commitment to safety and reliability are the foundation of the Evoenergy brand.

The energy landscape in Australia is undergoing significant change on a rapid path of evolution thanks to transformative technologies. Evoenergy is part of this exciting trajectory, entering into emerging energy technologies and categories while leveraging ActewAGL’s heritage and expertise of providing safe and reliable energy solutions for over 100 years.