With innovation, diversity and ecological criteria at its heart, Ginninderry needed a brand that didn’t just sell land, but also inspired a new way of living.


Ginninderry encompasses 1,600 hectares of stunning natural land across the ACT and NSW, with development planned for 4 suburbs and up to 30,000 residents.

Centred around the majestic Murrumbidgee river, with the Brindabella Mountains as a backdrop and all within a 10 minute drive to Belconnen Town Centre, it’s an easy sell. But our brief went far beyond simply selling land. Instead, we were charged with working on a campaign that attracted people wanting to be part of the Ginninderry vision. That vision is to create a place of international significance, that caters to Canberra’s changing needs as a growing city, works in harmony with it’s natural surroundings and sets international benchmarks in sustainability, technology and innovation.

As a result, we developed a campaign across two levels: one that launched Ginninderry to the market, the second to tell the stories behind the vision.

Services Campaign, Digital, Video

Launching a legend.

After visiting the site of Ginninderry, our team was blown away by the unspoilt natural beauty of the land and the lifestyle possibilities it provided, which inspired the positioning line; Ginninderry, Legendary.

Working with the brand developed by our friends at Swell, our launch campaign focused on the attributes that make this place completely unique—the fact that you can swim in the pristine waters of the Murrumbidgee after work or school, enjoy an art exhibition at the historic Straithnairn Arts Centre, or simply wander through the vast hectares of unspoilt bushland, only moments from your doorstep.

We produced an integrated campaign that captured the beauty and essence of Ginninderry, which were then translated through a range of retail sales materials.

Telling the Ginninderry story.

Every new development claims to be setting benchmarks. But Ginninderry is one of the only projects in Australia to gain a 6 Star ‘Green Star – Communities’ rating, the highest rating available that demonstrates world excellence in sustainability. It has taken more than 10 years to get to this point and a team of dedicated and passionate people committed to making Ginninderry a unique place of international significance. To really communicate this to our audience, we interviewed some of the key people involved in bringing the Ginninderry vision to life. From these interviews we created a series of videos, TVS, radio ads and press ads.

By giving potential buyers an insight into the extensive work and ground breaking initiatives that went into creating Ginninderry, we were able to create a very real point of difference for this unique and exciting project.

The legend continues.

Having successfully launched the first stage of Ginninderry, our campaign will continue to bring the Ginninderry vision to life, by communicating key developments such as the establishment of community groups, environmental programs and innovative housing designs.