It's an experience.

GX Ginninderry Experience

For 2 years, we communicated Ginninderry’s vision of inspiring a new way of living. At the end of 2019, it was time to prove the promise. Enter: GX – Ginninderry’s Display Village.

The opportunity was threefold – inspire, educate, sell – and through a mix of strategies, GX became a living gallery on which we could grow an ongoing and diverse range of experiences born from Ginninderry’s key pillars: sustainability, liveability, community and product.

Given the variety of audiences who attend display villages, to ease the consumption of content, we created 3 sub-trails that could cater to the different needs of the consumer:

  1. Builder’s Trail
  2. Sustainability Trail
  3. Arts Trail

This simplification of messaging was epitomised by the development of an innovative mobile app that enhances the visitor experience, allows consumers to explore the display village from the comfort of their own home and collects invaluable data for both Ginninderry and the builders.

On opening weekend, with a guest star appearance by Scott Cam, GX doubled the visitation of Canberra’s other well-known display villages.

GX Ginninderry Experience