Crafting a more wholesome experience for a local favourite.

Local Press

By creating delicious and satisfying food from locally and sustainably sourced produce, Local Press Cafe has become the leader of Canberra’s sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly food culture.

Coordinate was engaged to help refine and refresh the Local Press Café brand while launching and integrating their newest venture, Local Press Wholefoods.

A natural progression for the Local Press team, LPW was born from a passion for sustainable living and a desire to make this lifestyle more accessible to consumers. Their belief is that clean eating through the purchase of whole-foods can help reduce our carbon footprint and promote a healthier lifestyle.

An honest and imperfect design style, the refreshed identity brings fun and simplicity to an ever-growing trend of wholefoods and sustainable living. Vibrant colours and bold organic patterns emphasise the hand-crafted nature of whole-foods as well as the brands commitment to real ingredients.

Services Branding, Digital, Photography

Local Press