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The Treasure Trail

Here in the Capital Region we’re acutely aware of the impact the recent fires and lengthy road closures have had on our neighbours. The team at Coordinate returned to work in January with a strong desire to contribute somehow. So, when the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council reached out for help to get traffic flowing up the Kings Highway and support the local businesses, all hands were on deck.

Developing this campaign proved that there’s no greater power for good than a community discovering what it really cares about. We experienced an unprecedented collaboration of local creative and media organisations to bring this story to life. Every element of the campaign has been delivered on a pro-bono basis through a unique partnership between the QPRC and a wide range of individuals and organisations. Some of the organisations that shared our desire to contribute, include Victoria’s Models, Abes Audio, Threesides Marketing and the Coordinate team who’ve given up their own time to bring this together.

The local media, who served us so well in the aftermath of the fires, were also the first to jump on board. WIN Television, the Canberra Times, HIT 104.7 and MIX 106.3 have all provided significant advertising inventory to ensure this campaign reaches a broad audience. In addition, Her Canberra, RiotACT and Nine News have also agreed to help us tell this important story. And to top it all, around a dozen or so local influencers with significant social media presence have joined the effort and helped us amplify the message.

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It takes a village to raise awareness.

We consciously decided not to do a short-term recovery campaign. Instead, we created a new destination marketing brand for the region – a brand which we hope will reposition the Kings Highway villages and provide a sustained platform to drive increased and new visitation to the area. Because sustained visitation is what these towns need.

As Canberrans we think we know these towns pretty well. They’ve been a regular pit stop on trips to the coast for as long as any of us can remember. But when you look a little deeper – perhaps stay a little bit longer – you find a collection of villages that are bursting with great food, unique shopping, art, history, natural beauty and welcoming people.

The destination brand is “The Treasure Trail” and we’re inviting Canberrans to dig a little deeper. Because if they do, they’ll be pleasantly surprised about what’s on offer.

The launch of this campaign doesn’t mean the job is done. Our vision is that this becomes a legacy campaign that grows over time. Our hope is to see many Canberrans discovering their own gems on The Treasure Trail and sharing it with the handle, #foundmytreasure. Your followers will like it, and our neighbours will love it.

The Treasure Trail