Going big for Canberra’s most successful national sporting team.

UC Capitals

Ahead of the 2018-19 WNBL season, Coordinate was engaged by the University of Canberra Capitals to redefine their brand.

An illustrious legacy, an all-star roster, and a new venue in the heart of the city formed a strong foundation; however, we acknowledged that professional sports were now a part of the increasingly cluttered entertainment market. The UC Caps were competing for share of mind, time, and wallet against any leisure or recreational activity.

Therefore, the brand needed to champion the unique experience that only the UC Caps could own with 100% exclusivity—world-class basketball in your own backyard.

The new brand position, Go Big, is a philosophy that encourages one to be bold. It promotes a confident, unconquerable and ambitious spirit within players, staff, front office, fans and sponsors alike.

We developed the 2018/19 campaign theme, television commercial, social media content, a range of promotional material to drive memberships and hype for the upcoming season while creating a platform for the brand, instilling a culture within the franchise, and delivering a contagious war cry that the community could rally behind.

Services Campaign, Digital, Photography, Video

UC Capitals