Do you have opinions and do you like to share them?

Do you want to be at the forefront of new concepts in marketing, media and advertising?

Coordinate is seeking people of all creeds who are happy to their brains picked as we try out some of our branding and advertising concepts. It’s all in the spirit of making products relevant and to reach the market for whom they are intended.

We like to test out our ideas in the disruptive and technology space in particular, and more often than not we are working to help local companies who want to appeal to locals in the best way possible. So think of it as a public service. We need you to help us to make everyone’s life easier.

If you are keen, we will be direct and speedy with our research, and where possible, we will try and give back to you, our lovely volunteers, by offering vouchers, gifts, or small tokens of our appreciation.

Because we DO appreciate you!